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Fanny Packs for COVID Travel

  • by Tys Sniffen

What new bag will become essential in the Post-COVID travel world?  

That's right, the Fanny Pack.  A Hip Pack is so obviously the solution for savvy travelers who will be bringing a face mask and hand sanitizer along with the other standard essentials.  

Now, some folks have different ideas about what constitutes *essentials*:

layout of stuff - matches, hatchet, journal

but fundamentally, as we travel in post-pandemic times, we're going to want easy access to these things that will be necessary for safe travel.  Having your mask and your phone and your sanitizer and your wallet in a safe, well-organized carry will be vital.  

Where's the best place to carry a face mask while traveling? 

Of course, there's options, but you can't deny that having it right at your fingertips is a great way to go.  You don't want to be that person who leaves the mask strapped to your ears but down around your chin... or worse, down at the bottom of some bag where you have to spend a bunch of time searching for it.  A bum bag allows you to have quick access to these essentials while not needing to lug around a whole backpack.  

layout of essential stuff - journal, pen, earbuds, phone

How to touch the least amount of stuff while traveling post COVID:

In these times, we have a good amount of stuff to carry to make our day go well.  But do you really want to set your backpack down on a random surface to get out a pen, or your ear buds, or a pen? 

And just having everything in your pockets is both uncomfortable and unwise, as you will eventually forget something in your other pants. 

The hip pack is the answer.  For hiking, for shopping, for travel.  Take a fanny pack today.  

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