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9 Reasons you need an integrated modular backpack

  • by Tys Sniffen
Thinking about a new backpack?  Here's 9 reasons why the Journey System is the best way to go:


  1. Modular – it comes apart – for every sort of job
The Journey system is one whole carry-on sized bag for any sort of travel, but also comes apart to be just a day pack or even smaller, just a hip pack, as needed.The hip pack for carrying essentials fits inside and continues to function as the top accessories pocket atop the day pack.The day pack then functions as the foundation of the travel pack, with German designed magnet clips holding on the travel pack tightly together into a compact, carry-on sized package.
  1. Built to last
The entire Journey system is built to last a lifetime.  With 450d 2 tone Kodra as the outside shell material and bright green nylon interior, it’s both soft and durable.  YKK zippers everywhere and meticulously reinforced seams will allow these bags to go as far as you do.  We guarantee it.
  1.  Minimalist design with all the best features.
By designing the Journey with a philosophy of minimalism while working through over 8 prototypes to integrate all possible ‘best practices’ in the bag world, Idea Mountain has created a system that is low profile, sleek looking, no-flapping-dangling-straps, super useful way to carry everything you need.  This bag system is NOT designed to carry the kitchen sink; the minimalism extends to how you pack as well. With decades of travel experience in mind, Idea Mountain has made the bag system that will help you travel light.

  1. Tons of organization
Even with the sleek, low profile, this bag system has pockets and org in all the right places. The hip pack itself has 3 separate pockets, with even the smallest inside security pocket big enough for a passport.  The Day Pack has a card pocket in each strap, mesh pockets inside for tech org, pen holders, extra stuff pockets in the bottom of the day pack, and a secret pocket against the back of the wearer for ultimate security.
The travel pack has compression straps inside, to hold clothes in place as well as a flat mesh pocket for random stuff in your luggage.  With the shoe stuff sack and two vacuum bags, your clothes and travel gear are always organized.

  1. The Removable Padded Laptop Sleeve
Sometimes you need to move with a laptop, sometimes you don’t.  In pursuit of versatile minimalism, Idea Mountain has made the laptop sleeve *removable*, so that this padded 13” laptop sleeve can be an integrated part of the day pack, it’s own carrying bag, or left at home when you don’t want to have to carry extra stuff.  In addition, it has two org pockets on the front for tech cords.

  1. Snap in Toiletries kit
The travel pack has a spot to snap in the toiletries kit, keeping it in place – at the top, for easy access- while it’s being carried.  With a bright colored zipper for easy finding inside a bag or in the dark, the kit itself is a big wide bucket type, with plenty of room for all gear for any length of trip.
  1. Anti-theft features
The best-in-the-industry YKK zippers on both the day pack and the travel pack come standard with a lockable loop, if padlocking your bag closed is something you want.  The zipper of the main compartment of the day pack, where most of your valuable things would be is sleekly built so it’s against the back of the wearer, away from prying hands.  There’s a security- secret pocket on the back of the day pack with a hidden zipper that is hard to find even if you’re holding the bag, and is impossible to get to if the bag is being worn. 

  1. Stylish black exterior with super bright interior
The bright green interior lining makes finding anything deep in the bag easy.  Both materials are easy to clean and maintain, as well as extremely durable.
  1. Built for comfort – and speed.

The wide, padded shoulder straps of the day pack allow the wearer to carry the complete system in comfort.  Additionally, there’s padded sections with a slight air gap that goes against the wearer’s back for an extra smooth feel.  All this still allows for access to all the pockets and features, whether connected up with the travel pack or commuting solo with the day pack.  Comes apart in seconds, goes together in seconds.  This system allows you to be already packed and prepared; you don’t lose things in different bags because the system keeps you organized.


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Carry-On Sized

Travel light with the Journey's convenient carry-on size!

Water -Resistant

The Journey System Bag is coated with a WATER-RESISTANT material that will shed water under normal conditions.

Guaranteed For Life

Our bags our guaranteed for life. No questions asked.