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Wanting to help you find the best bag for all your travel needs

by Tys Sniffen on

Are you searching for the perfect backpack for traveling? Look no further than the Journey System. With its versatile design and innovative features, it's the ideal choice for...

Unveiling the Journey System: Your Perfect Travel Companion

by Tys Sniffen on

Are you on the quest for the best backpack for travel on a plane? Look no further because we're about to introduce you to the Journey System –...

5 Common Myths About Packing: A Stress-Free Guide to Travel Preparation

by Tys Sniffen on

Packing for a trip is often perceived as a daunting task, shrouded in myths that contribute to stress and anxiety. In this blog post, we aim to debunk...

Beyond the Bag: Embracing Life's Adventures with the Journey Backpack

by Tys Sniffen on

Embarking on a journey is more than a physical movement; it's an exploration of life's endless possibilities. Introducing the Journey Backpack, a versatile, modular, and minimalist companion designed...

Essentials Within Reach: The Traveler's Guide to Fanny Pack Magic

by Tys Sniffen on

Why the Fanny Pack - Bum Bag - Hip Pack - Sling Bag - is the best little travel essential When it comes to travel, packing efficiently can...

The Benefits of Packing Light

by Tys Sniffen on

Packing light can be a game-changer when it comes to enjoying travel and life in general. Here are some reasons why: Less stress: Traveling with a lot of...

How to figure out what size bag you need for travel

by Tys Sniffen on

Ok, it seems that we should cover the super basics of figuring out what size bag one should be thinking about.  We've covered some aspects of how to...

Let's talk about toiletries kits

by Tys Sniffen on

So, are you a 'dump it all in' toiletries kit person, or a 'have a perfect spot for everything' toiletries kit person?  I have to admit, I'm a...

Adjusting the Straps on your Journey System pack

by Tys Sniffen on

So, perhaps you are smaller than the average human, but you have above average standards when it comes to looking good and avoiding dangling straps on your travel...

9 surprising things in my Day Pack

by Tys Sniffen on

Not everyone carries a Day Pack, and even those who do carry some sort of bag every day might not have some of these items that I've found...

Carry-On Sized

Travel light with the Journey's convenient carry-on size!

Water -Resistant

The Journey System Bag is coated with a WATER-RESISTANT material that will shed water under normal conditions.

Guaranteed For Life

Our bags our guaranteed for life. No questions asked.