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9 surprising things in my Day Pack

  • by Tys Sniffen
Not everyone carries a Day Pack, and even those who do carry some sort of bag every day might not have some of these items that I've found to help me be prepared and ready for anything, without feeling as though I was overburdened. 
What are the best things to carry to keep you prepared and organized? Well, not including any unique jobs that would require special tools, I've found these items to be good to have at hand whenever I'm away from my house or my vehicle. 


Moko Foldable Keyboard

Moko keyboard

This little item gives me a surprising amount of joy.  To have a tool that just works; that connects effortlessly to my phone, that feels great to use, that seems to never run out of battery power, is just a wonderful thing. And then to be able to work ANYWHERE at full 'office speed' because of the full size of the keyboard makes me feel like a true digital nomad.  I love this keyboard so much I've added it to our 'Vital Travel Gear' list. 

Hip Pack As Accessory Pocket

hip pack sticking out of day pack top

You won't be surprised to learn that I carry the Hip Pack of the Journey system with my Journey system Day Pack.  It's designed to sit in the top 'quick access' pocket and *be* the thing holding your essentials.  This way, if you are switching modes (going from full day pack to just hip pack) you don't ever have to repack or search for your hip pack.  It's there, already holding your essentials, ready to go. 


fork and spoon

wooden fork knife and spoon

There's a zillion 'ultra light' and 'sustainable' utensil sets, made of everything from bamboo to steel available everywhere, but I would advise just getting any old - short handled - spoon and fork.  It's not crazy to save a few grams by carrying plasticware or wood, but I actually prefer metal for the feel and longevity.  Just get some shorter handled ones so they fit. 

thumb drive or Mini SD

We all have plenty of digital stuff to store these days, and while moving around town or around the world, there are a few things you want to be able to get at OFF the internet, if necessary.   By having key documents and files on a storage device, you can rescue a bad situation where there's no internet connection or you've lost or broken your key devices. 

little notebook

Even in this digital age, sometimes it feels good to write with a pen.  Or you might be in a situation where taking notes by hand is the only option. Or you might need to *leave a note* for someone. Having a small paper notebook gives that flexibility. 

sternum strap

sternum strap G hook

This is surprisingly on the list because I'm not a sternum strap guy.   But the Journey system comes with a REMOVABLE sternum strap, and because there are times when a sternum strap would be helpful - usually on a hike or bike ride, and usually when you don't expect it, I carry my sternum strap IN my day pack all the time.  Don't like it dangling though. 

Other plastic cards

You know those cards, like club membership cards, or insurance cards, or even coupon stuff, or punch cards? The kind of thing that clutters up a wallet?  I put those all in a rubber band and keep them in my secret security pocket on my Day pack. They're with me when I'm out, but I don't need to carry them on my body or see them everyday. 

first aid stuff

Everybody has different ideas about what medical stuff they need or want nearby.  I think that a very minimal amount is good to have in your pack - if things get serious, one can get professional help.  So I carry a few adhesive bandages, some anti-bacterial ointment, and a few aspirin and a few ibuprofen.  I also have a needle and some dental floss for apocalyptic wound sewing... but that's a long shot. 


This is both really obvious and really a surprise.  I think that most American men would not have a scarf at hand, especially 90% of the year in a temperate climate like I live in.  Thing is, a scarf is a great way to up your warmth without changing your overall look.  A scarf can be a lifesaver in a cold situation, but it can also make you comfortable in a not perfect situation.  Wrapped up tight or hanging loose.  And can be worn to the opera or while ice fishing.   And I love stuff that does more than one thing, which is why I found these that have a passport sized pocket in them, as a little secret. 


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