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The Journey System


The best Travel Backpack : The last bag you'll ever need. 

The Journey™ system includes a light, minimalist section with smart design to hold clothes, shoes, and toiletries. This luggage component disconnects from a sleek, packed-with-features day pack for your everyday carry commute or day adventure. There isn’t a better, more complete ergonomic backpack available.
This is a 'one bag travel system' comes apart into 3 distinct pieces, with 10 different components.  If you want to move easily through your day and through the world, embrace the one bag travel philosophy with The Journey. It’s the most versatile travel backpack you’ll ever own.

Within the day pack, the third component is a stylish small hip pack that’s just the right size for daily utility carry or your essentials when traveling.

The whole carry-on sized system includes:
  • 1 travel pack section for clothes  ~22 liters of volume
  • 1 day pack ~ 13.5 liters of volume
  • 1 laptop sleeve 
  • 1 hip pack ~ 1.5 liters of volume
  • 1 toiletries bag  - 2 liters of volume
  • 2 hand-roll vacuum bags
  • 1 shoe bag
  • 1 tech-gear bag
...which is everything any traveler who wants to travel light would need to conquer the daily commute, or the trip around the world.
Weighs only 3.75lbs with ~35 liters of capacity total.

5 year, 100% guarantee on every aspect of manufacture and materials.  Solidly built and stitched to high standards:

Exterior: 2-tone PU Finished nylon 450d
Interior: 2-tone PU Finished nylon 210d
Woojin plastic buckles and parts
Trimmers Hardware metal clips
YKK zippers throughout
Fidlock Buckles

Weighs only 1.7kg/3.75lbs


A Complete List of Features:

Hip Pack

Hip Pack:
- 2 release clips so you can take belt off with either hand, or change out belt
- 3 key ring holders
- 'secret' stash pocket big enough for passport
- double zips allow for fast access
- zip holds allow for carabiner locking of zippers in dicey situations

Hip Pack inside out: 

Hip Pack turned inside out

A glance inside the Hip Pack:

looking inside the Hip Pack


Day Pack from the side

Day Pack:
-straps have quick stash pockets
- removable g hook sternum strap (can be stored anywhere, including in strap pocket)
- Sunglasses slot on front of strap
- top storage pocket perfectly holds hip pack, or other stuff while wearing hip pack
- 'secret' pocket on back is tall enough for passport to stand up + plenty more.
- 2 pen holders at top of inside
- receipts pocket inside mesh pocket
- mesh pocket is perfect for small quick access electronics
- 2 bottom org pockets keep smaller items from floating around

Day Pack with pockets labeled

Day Pack inside out - back side has:

  • 2 pen holders
  • zippered mesh pocket
  • interior stash pocket (inside mesh)
  • key chain loop attachment 
  • 2 near-bottom volume pockets 
Day Pack turned inside out
laptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeve is removable, but held in place by velcro so it doesn't come out WITH laptop
- laptop sleeve has 2 volume pockets for accessories
-back foam has spine channel for allowing ventilation
- zippers have hole for locking with luggage lock
- drawstring stuff sack included

Travel Pack open showing features



inside (above) and standing alone (below) * not meant to be used separately 

Travel Pack closed, showing Day Pack pocket

Travel Pack:
- snap in toiletries bag allows for quick access without completely unpacking
- Toiletries Bag is huge, big enough for any traveler, let alone a minimalist one
- toiletries bag handle allows for hanging over door handle or any hook
- toiletries bag zipper has bright edges for easy seeing at night, or when it's in the bag
- flat mesh pocket allows for holding 'fancy folded' item, or other flat things
- luggage straps are completely adjustable and hold folded clothes in place so they don't slump down to the bottom of the bag
- 'shoe garage' has velcro strap to hold shoes in when opening and closing bag
- there's foam padding in the shoe garage area that keeps the shoes from bumping into your back when wearing
- clam shell opening allows for complete access
- zippers have hole for locking with luggage lock
- hand-rolled Vacuum bags are amazing! Comes with 2!
- Drawstring shoe bag included

Complete system with pockets labeled

As an added thank you, a high-quality magnetic key chain holder will come with every system!  We know you'll love this 5-in-1 backpack.