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All the reasons Hip Packs - Fanny Packs - are the best

  • by Tys Sniffen

There has been so much backlash over the last couple decades about "fanny packs" that it just makes sense that they are actually useful, fashionable and coming back in style now.  

Of course here in the US, a huge part of the problem is the name.  Besides making Australians and Brits fall down laughing due to slang crossover, that's a dumb name.   That's why here at Idea Mountain, we go with the more universal "Hip Pack" title.  

Somehow, people think the hip pack makes them look funny, but I don't know why.  Perhaps, due to some promoting HUGE packs, or ones with huge flat tops that look like shelves, or that some people wear them too high up on their waist rather than down on their hips, people have taken on the wrong idea.  Small, subtle hip packs worn down on hips are simply cool. 

hip pack outside shirt

Plenty of people have written about how fashionable they actually are:

In today's world, we have a lot of stuff that ends up being in our 'daily carry' - a phone that is generally too big for a pocket, probably ear buds or some sort of headset, car keys all have electronic fobs, and don't forget hand sanitizer and face masks. 

An important part of hip pack use is understanding how to wear them.  Everyone can have their own style, but if you don't know yet, here's the thing: they swivel.  Move it to the small of your back when walking and you can't even tell it's there.  Have it on one hip to really lock it in place if you are moving fast and don't like the bounce.  Sweep it to the front when you need access - it's right there, every time. 

Men: wear it UNDER an untucked shirt and it disappears.  Don't try and wear it with a sports coat (they have all the pockets you need).  Women can get away with wearing them all different ways.   They also work as sling bags, so if for some reason you don't like the amazing ease-of-use of them at your waist, you can put it over one shoulder and under the other arm. 

Why hip packs are the best:

  1. Everything you need in one place. Stop losing stuff!  Having all your things ready to go in one place, in a carrying system, where you can grab-n-go, simplifies every minute of your day.
  2. No bulging pockets! If you wear tight clothes, forget about carrying what you need in pockets.  If you wear loose clothes and put stuff in pockets, it flops around, jingling and bothering you while you move.  The hip pack keeps everything together, out of your way, and yet can be spun around and accessed quickly. 
  3. You are hands free.  Seeing women with purses constantly needing to shift them around, worry about setting them down, swapping shoulders, etc. shows how the wrong bag takes up energy.  With a hip pack, you're always two hands free.
  4. Did you know it's not counted as luggage on airlines? 

Many people have come to embrace the hip pack- and some have done a great job of writing about it too.  Check out these other smart people:


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