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Minimalist Packing Tips

Traveling light is becoming a necessity—if it wasn’t already. Standing in long lines at security, waiting at baggage claim, paying bag fees, and being charged for heavy bags all make traveling light the future of travel. Even if you travel overseas for an extended period of time, you can travel light and still have what you need. Flight attendants have been doing it for decades. Staying mobile and adjusting to new surroundings and situations while still traveling light is the goal. Here are some minimalist packing tips on how to accomplish that.

Think Like a Traveler

Don’t think like a tourist; think like a traveler. There is a difference, and it’s stark. Tourists pack several gigantic bags and haul them around, thinking they need clothes for every eventuality. Those massive bags make these tourists a target the minute they walk out of the airport. Thieves and shady cab drivers see those bags as a payday. You wouldn’t need a cab with The Journey™ because you could fit on public transport.

Leave It at Home

The temptation is to pack lots of clothes and tools to be prepared for anything. Even if it runs counter to your lifestyle, when traveling, suddenly you need two pairs of pants and three shirts for everyday wear. Well, in actuality, you don’t. Every city in the world has laundry service if you need to freshen up the wardrobe. Pack practically and leave the festive socks and extra pair of shoes at home. Bring along versatile clothing and accessories, so you can stay lightweight and mobile.

Choose the Right Bag

Choosing the right bag is the most important minimalist packing tip. The traveler keeps everything with them and is ready to take on the next adventure. Having the right bag, like The Journey™, keeps the traveler mobile. Heavy luggage is for airport-taxi-hotel travel. Minimalist travel means having a versatile bag that holds all your things but can adjust to every situation.