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Cleaning and Care for Idea Mountain Bags

Our bags are designed and materials chosen to last a lifetime.  Still, sooner or later, life comes with some dirt.

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So how do you keep your bag looking like new?

The biggest deteriorating factor to our bags will be the gradual erosion of the water-resistant coating applied to the outside of the Nylon/450f 2-tone Kodra. This is unavoidable as prolonged rubbing on the surface will erode the coating. After a while you may notice that when rain falls on the bag, water beads no longer form and slide off like they used to.

To fix this, first clean the bag with a damp sponge or cloth, maybe a soft bristle toothbrush, and a little regular shampoo or mild dish soap. This will get rid of the grime and leave the fabric in the best condition. If it's completely covered with dirt, submerse it in warm water and slosh and squeeze it with your hands.

After cleaning, allow the bag to dry naturally. Then apply an off-the-shelf water repellent spray which is usually used for leather products or outdoor jackets. Again allow the bag to fully dry before use and the bag will be as good as new.

Laundry machine not allowed!

Never put a bag in the washing machine. The bags are not meant to go through a spin cycle and should therefore also never be placed in a tumble dryer. The internal stitching and materials can be affected by prolonged exposure to detergents and the heat of a tumble dryer will cause wet areas of the bag to wrinkle. Additionally, it is hard for the padding to dry inside of the bag after it has been completely immersed in water for a long period. Foam is porous and can trap water deep inside itself when immersed and compressed. Think of it like a sponge, when you squeeze it under water it absorbs ever more.

Carry-On Sized

Travel light with the Journey's convenient carry-on size!

Water -Resistant

The Journey System Bag is coated with a WATER-RESISTANT material that will shed water under normal conditions.

Guaranteed For Life

Our bags our guaranteed for life. No questions asked.