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This 5-in-1 modular backpack is an innovative minimalist solution,  perfect for traveling around town and around the world. The modular, lightweight design transforms to meet your day-to-day needs while traveling, carrying, commuting, hiking, or exploring the world.

Day Pack
Hip Pack
Travel Pack Open
toiletries kit
Back of Full Journey
Close up of Sternum strap
Day Pack cracked open
close up of sternum hook

It all started with an idea...

Idea Mountain was birthed out of of the desire to pack more while carrying less. We needed a solution that worked for bringing items on a quick trip, a day of commuting, a week of travel, an outdoor adventure, and all the way back home.

We searched everywhere but couldn't find it. So we made it ourselves.

The Journey™ modular backpack system is lightweight, versatile, and compact. The 5-in-1 modular system has compartments and removable bags for all the different personal effects you carry, from laptops to shoes to toiletries. This system will allow you to move through life without losing things, without re-packing, without having the wrong bag. By coming apart and being perfectly designed, the Journey allows you to keep your things in their place. You'll always know where your things are, and you'll be ready to stylishly move through your day, around the house, around town, and around the world.

The System Includes:

-1 carry on bag
-1 day pack
-1 hip pack
-1 removable laptop sleeve
-1 toiletries bag
-2 hand-roll vacuum bags
-1 shoe stuff sack
-1 tech-gear stuff sack


Jon headshot


This pack has features I never knew I wanted! Is there anything you haven't included in this thing? I'm so impressed. So many brilliant ideas, I could rave all day about this system. Overall I can't say enough good stuff about your design, and I'm so glad I bought one. I'm a gear freak and highly critical of my kit. Thoughtful design of this depth is rare.

Tami headshot


It is the most versatile bag I've ever owned/used. All of the components are useful while traveling and can be repurposed upon arrival at the destination. The bags are rugged yet aesthetically pleasing.

Jeff headshot


As someone who has traveled to Europe each of the last 5 years, this is absolutely the most efficient and effective travel kit system I have ever seen. Very excited to utilize travel light on our next trip across the Atlantic!