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Why One Bag Travel is the Best

  • by Tys Sniffen

When you travel - go anywhere really - with only one high-quality bag, you quickly realize how much more enjoyable travel is.  You have that feeling of being organized, of being free, of being ready.  There’s a lack of stress compared to traveling with multiple items.  

When you multi-bag it, you rely on many other things than yourself: the whole ‘check bag’ system, from baggage claim conveyor belts to rent-able trolleys to move your crap around.  You have to spend more time thinking about where to put things down, worry more about theft.  Everything takes longer and takes more energy. 

With one bag - a stylish backpack - on your back, you can zip through airports and train stations; you can easily pop into a store on your way somewhere; you can change your plans in a moment, make it in time, get to your seat, and have your stuff. 

Knowing you have everything you need, knowing you can find it easily, not spending time debating about which pants to wear because you only have simple choices.  All of this gives you the freedom to be more in the moment; to enjoy yourself more fully. 

Arriving somewhere and only having one bag, you can easily slip into the elevator or take the stairs, and even better, you quickly unpack and can find whatever it is you’re needing. 

One bag travel is moving with minimalism.  All the freedom and joy that comes from minimalism is actually multiplied when traveling like a minimalist.   It’s not about just having less, it’s about having fewer, better things.  Minimalism gives you a sense of independence that allows you to be more present in the world; traveling with that sense of independence opens you to a more full experience of the journey itself- you experience more by having less.


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