Why get this stuff?

just a camera on a map

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Look. It's a bit weird to be looking at this shop full of little things, we get it.   You want to get out there and zip through airports, sip coffee on unique sidewalks, discover a stunning view.  So, why should anyone spend time thinking about these things?

Turns out, it's hard to feel like exploring when you're uncomfortable, or you have to spend time finding something you forgot, or say, your clothes are covered in shampoo because the bottle you brought burst in your bag.  

Having the right stuff with you when you travel, heck, in life in general, makes you more comfortable, allows you to have more fun, and just takes the annoyance and suffering out of some of the challenges.    And it turns out, not every annoyance is taken care of by 'the perfect travel pants' or 'the ultimate luggage'... you need to have the things that go in that luggage that will make your trip successful.  

This site hopes to help you realize some of those little things you could use, and help you get those things at a good price.   We hope we can help.  Cheers.