Shopping for Less...stuff

As Idea Mountain kicks off, it's exciting to look at products and think about variations and how things might work when traveling.   Except, the whole point is to carry LESS stuff, to travel light... how do you spend time shopping to try and have less? 

Well, it might be that minimalism isn't just 'get rid of your stuff' or 'have no stuff', but more about just having *the right stuff*, and keeping it a long time and using it well. 

That's what the things gathered on this site are supposed to be.  At the same time, there's always another product that's fancier, maybe more durable, maybe able to do two more things, and maybe even be 50 cents cheaper.  And perhaps people can find them out there...  But these things are here, now, and are ready to help travelers stay organized and focus on the experience, not the shopping, not the weight, not the crap.  

Idea Mountain wants to be the big pile of ideas to get you thinking about how to reduce your load and travel more.  We hope we can be that for you.